Mondays NFT is a collection of 2500 animated art pieces created by Dave Garcia (Wordslikerad). The collection started as part of a series of ideas, formulated around the main focus that everyone shares the basic reality of having somewhere to be on any given Monday. So, Mondays represent you "the hodler" and tell a story. Each NFT will be unique in its different interests and occupations, and it's the project's hope that prospective investors will form a connection to the different art pieces as they collect them.

With the direct guidance of the team at Solana Monke Rejects, Mondays will have it's launch this Summer. WL allocation will be 50% of the total supply, giving plenty of opportunity to ensure a Mondays mint for your collection, but also give ample opportunity to collectors arriving late to the party or for those of us with less time to participate in WL giveaways and contests.

The future of Mondays will be creative, as the head designer is constantly coming up with new ideas for merch, marketing and heavily focused on creating a direct bridge between the NFT web3 space and IRL events. Custom 1/1 customer driven NFTs are in the plans, and many collaborations are already underway.

Mondays plans to be a long-standing staple in the Solana ecosystem and being art-focused will ensure that owning one will visually improve any collection. We are excited to launch this NFT collection, and look forward to watching this already strong community grow even more.